Don't pay for public transport. Instead, warn each other from ticket controllers! With Ticketfrei, you can turn your city into a paradise for fare dodgers.

Ticketfrei is a Twitter, Mastodon, Telegram, and E-Mail bot. Users can help each other by tweeting, tooting, messaging, or mailing, when and where they spot a ticket controller.

Ticketfrei automatically spreads those controller reports in the other networks, so others can see them. If there are ticket controllers around, they can still buy a ticket - but if the coast is clear, they can save the money.

How to get Ticketfrei to my city?

We try to make it as easy as possible to spread Ticketfrei to other citys. There are four basic steps:

Our Mission

Public transportation is meant to provide an easy and time-saving way to move within a region while being affordable for everybody. Unfortunately, this is not yet the case. Ticketfrei's approach is to enable people to reclaim public transportation.

On short term we want to do this by helping users to avoid controllers and fines - on long term by pressuring public transportation companies to offer their services free of charge, financed by the public.

Because with Ticketfrei you're able to use trains and subways for free anyway. Take part and create a new understanding of what public transportation could look like!

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